231 State Farm Parkway, Homewood, AL 35209

Our Mission

We are 100% focused on private lending and the financial freedom of the consumer! Our mission is to help people grow & manage their businesses!

Our Vision

Our vision is that by allowing our clients to do a better job they can do a better job for their clients and thereby make the world a better place!

Company Founder

Wambui Kinuthia

Wambui Kinuthia is a Public figure and serial Entrepreneur that is dedicated to helping you realize your dreams of owning an international business. We are located in Alabama and our services range from simple consultation on how to create & grow your own start-up company, to design/build the right structure to achieve success, to managing it through ongoing supervision. With a vast knowledge in domestic and international markets, we can assist you to build your business, and provide customized plans for growth!

Positivity, Production, Proverbs, Progress... #Letswin!

Client Testimonials

"Wambui Street helped us scale to 7 figures"
- Freddie Effinger (Effinger Law)
“Wambui Street helped me get with mergers and acquisitions”
- Dianca Stephans (DLS Haircare)
“Wambui Street helped us scale to 6 figures”
- Sam (Cam-Lon Pressure Washing Services)